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Technology is continuously developing. Both software and hardware need to be updated
regularly to keep up with this rapid growth. Today there are multiple programming languages
and technologies that are no longer supported or are no longer being updated. This removes
the ability to update some websites or other software that relied on them.
The main objective of this project is to move PKAdmin which is a part of Ambita´s current
Infoland web application to a more futureproof platform. Design and implementation were
done by following user stories and requests from the product owner. The outcome of this
project was a newly designed modal that could edit and manage products listed in Infoland´s
web application.


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The Team

Our group (Group 2) consists of two members, one that studied Information Technology and
the other studied Computer Engineering. This group goes way back and have known each other
for a while making us a good team. We know our strength and weaknesses.
When we are stuck on something, we can rely on the each other to solve this issue.


Tuan Minh Nguyen



Earl John Torculas Laguardia